Quality Checked
Faster Delivery
Easy Returns

Q: What is 'G-Assured'?
'G-Assured' is a seal of trust. The products on GlowRoad
carrying this badge indicate that they are sold by most
trusted manufacturers or wholesalers, who have good
quality products at attractive prices and a great delivery

Q: What are the benefits of buying /reselling
'G-Assured' products / from Wholesalers?
'G-Assured' products are selected by our panel of our
expert merchandisers and data scientists who use
proprietary software to identify and select the combination
of best products and suppliers.

This means:
1. Great product quality at attractive prices - stringent
    quality checks
2. Sourcing from top manufacturers - guaranteed
    availability of products
3. Faster shipping & delivery with order tracking
4. Covered by buyer protection policy - online payments
    ensure your money is safe with GlowRoad
5. Easy & free returns

Q: What if I receive a defective or damaged
'G-Assured' badge ensures you receive quality products
only. However, if you receive a defective or damaged
product, you are covered by our Buyer Protection Policy
and can initiate product return within 7 days of receiving
the product - no questions asked, for all orders placed on or after 24 December 2018.
Q: Does it cost more to buy 'G-Assured'
products / from Wholesalers?
No, you do not have to pay extra for 'G-Assured' products.
These products are available at best possible prices
without compromise on quality standards.

Q: How does one become a G-Assured supplier
? What are the guidelines?
'G-Assured' products are selected by a panel of our expert
merchandisers and data scientists through software that
looks for a combination of the following and ranks them
based on multiple parameters like:

1. Certain minimum number of online sales
2. Fulfillment record of at least 98%
3. Minimal return rates- this means customers are happy
    with their products most of the time
4. Guaranteed availability - no cancellation from
    suppliers due to product not being available
5. Detailed Product Description - to ensure buyers
    get all information related to the product
6. Online payment only - to ensure secure and
   transparent payment with buyer protection