everteen Regular Applicator Tampons for Periods in Women - 1 Pack (8pcs)
everteen Regular Applicator Tampons for Periods in Women - 1 Pack (8pcs)


everteen Regular Applicator Tampons for Periods in Women - 1 Pack (8pcs)


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Product Details

Type: Tampoons

Country of Origin: INDIA

Product Description

everteen Applicator Tampons are a quality product from everteen, which offers India’s largest range of premium sanitary products for complete feminine hygiene. Manufactured at USFDA-registered facilities, everteen Applicator Tampons adhere to rigorous international guidelines for safety and efficacy, so you know you are buying the best for your feminine intimate hygiene needs. everteen Applicator Tampons adjust perfectly to your shape, giving superior leak protection. Each tampon is individually wrapped so you have the freedom to carry an optimal number of tampons that you need in a day. Unlike cheaper digital tampons, everteen Applicator tampons come with an applicator barrel plunger that makes it super easy to insert the tampon. Now you can wear clothes of your choice even during periods without any embarrassment or pad lines showing up.

Delivery & Return Details

Delivery: Delivery : Within 6-8 business days

Return: This product is non-returnable

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