Our team of Fashion Specialists makes product collections on the basis of latest trend and season, e.g. Workwear Kurtis, Winterwear for Kids etc. When you click on a collection poster, you will see best seller products at wholesale prices that have been handpicked by our team. All you need to do is add your margin / commission and share the collection on Whatsapp and Facebook. Collections sell real fast, which means you make money fast!

Step 1: On GlowRoad dashboard scroll down a bit and you will see “Share Collections to Earn”. The top collection banners are shown here but you can lick on see all collections to explore all our collections.

Step 2: Click a collection poster that you like and then click the “Share collection to earn” button at the bottom. On clicking it, you’ll get an option to add your desired commission (the amount you want to earn on sale). We suggest 15%, but you can change it to whatever you want. This will add 15% margin to all the products in that collection.

Step 3: You can then share it on Facebook / WhatsApp. Buyers will be able to see all products in the collection at increased price (original price plus your commission) along with product picture, full description and a BUY button through which they can buy online.

Step 4: Once bought, the product will be shipped by the supplier whose product you shared. You don’t have to do anything. Your commission will be sent to your bank account within 7 working days.