The payment process on GlowRoad is done in 3 easy steps and they are as follows:-

  • First you need to give your bank account details on GlowRoad so that you can receive the payments. To do so, goto the Settings tab as shown in the figure below and you will find the Bank Account Details Section where you  need to provide your Account Number, Name on Account and IFSC Code. However you can also email us your bank details at
  • Second, you need to share products or your shop with your buyers. Whenever a sale takes place from your store ONLINE,  the payment is received by the GlowRoad team. (Offline deals are not included here).
  • When the customer receives the product and it gets verified, GlowRoad releases the amount to the supplier and to the reseller on every 4th, 14th and 24th of every month. So only orders which are delivered are shown in this section. (Orders returned by the buyer are not shown here)


NOTE: The Reseller doesn’t have to worry for the logistics as it will be handled by the Glowroad / Supplier itself.