Sharing your products / shop will allow your network to browse through your products / collection of products in your shop and buy them online from the same link

We’ll run you through the entire flow to familiarise you with the process

Step-1: Go to your My Shop Section under My Products Tab. Here you’ll be able to see all your copied or uploaded products. Click on the share button to share the product to your network.

Step-2: On clicking share, you’ll see options to either share on Whatsapp / Facebook or as a GlowRoad Post that shows on the GlowRoad feed. Since Whatsapp is the most popular option, we’ll continue with that further in the demo. Click on the WhatsApp button & share it to any of your contacts on WhatsApp.

Step-4: This is how your contact will be able to see the link from you. To Purchase, he/she would have to click on the link and follow the steps. Screenshots of all steps leading up to the payment option mentioned below