The orders included in my earning section are

  1. Orders for which online payments is done. If you make an offline payment and earn some money, it will not be shown in the my earnings.
  2. Orders which are delivered. If your order has delivered and not returned by the buyer within the next 2 days, it will start appearing in my earnings.
  3. Orders who were delivered in the previous payment cycle. We make payments on 14th, 24th and 4th for orders delivered in 3 cycles every month i.e. 1-10th, 11-20th, 21 to 31st.
  4. Orders post 12th Jan will show here. Any money earned on orders before that will not show here.

So if your order was delivered in 5th of the month you will see the payment in my earnings in 5th and the payment will be released to you on the 14th of the month.