Dry Fish Seafood -Dry Baby Shrimp Fish (kolmi) - 250 Grams
Dry Fish Seafood -Dry Baby Shrimp Fish (kolmi) - 250 Grams
Dry Fish Seafood -Dry Baby Shrimp Fish (kolmi) - 250 Grams
Dry Fish Seafood -Dry Baby Shrimp Fish (kolmi) - 250 Grams
Dry Fish Seafood -Dry Baby Shrimp Fish (kolmi) - 250 Grams


Dry Fish Seafood -Dry Baby Shrimp Fish (kolmi) - 250 Grams


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Product Details

Type: Dry

Ingredient Type: Non-vegetarian

Packaging Type: Pouch

Quantity (gm) : 1.0 (in grams)

Quantity (kg) : 1.0 (in kg)

Country of Origin: INDIA

Product Description

Dried shrimp are shrimp that have been sun-dried and shrunk to a thumbnail size. They are used in many East Asian, Southeast Asian and South Asian cuisines, imparting a unique umami taste. A handful of shrimp is generally used for dishes. The flavors of this ingredient are released when allowed to simmer. Omega-3 fatty acids, can enhance The fish’s immune system, reduce fungal diseases and fish mortality Top in taste and Quality. No added preservatives or other chemical additives for color or flavor. 100% Natural and Organic Product Odorless Storage. We dried fresh shrimps in very hygienic and Clean. Better for shrimps masala, deep fry, shrimps Gravy, shrimps pickle, Chutney, etc. very delicious and quality dry shrimps.

Delivery & Return Details

Delivery: Delivery : Within 6-8 business days

Return: This product is non-returnable

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